2nd Karol Szymanowski International String Quartet Competition Katowice 2017

Under the patronage of

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

The Governor of the Silesia Voivodeship - Wojciech Saługa

The President of the City of Katowice - Marcin Krupa

[Rules and procedures for the competitions

  1. The competition is organized by the Karol Szymanowski Music Society in collaboration with the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.
  2. The competition will consist of two separate rounds. It will take place on 18-23 September 2017 at the Academy of Music in Katowice. The performance schedule will be determined by the organizers after all the applications have been processed.
  3. The competition is open to string quartets of all nationalities with cumulative age of the quartet members not to exceed 120 years. None of the members of the quartet may be over 35. Age eligibility is determined as of the opening day of the competition (September 18, 2017)
Required repertoire

First Round:

  1. One of the String Quartets of Joseph Haydn from op. 33
  2. Required piece: Aleksander Tansman, 4th String Quartet (ed. Eschig Paris)
    The Jury may decide not to listen to the entire works in this round.

Second Round:

  1. One of the two String Quartets of Karol Szymanowski: op. 37 or op. 56 (ed. PWM / Universal Edition)
  2. One quartet from the following list:
    • Z. Kodály, String Quartet no.2 op. 10
    • C. Nielsen, Quartet op. 44
    • L. Janaček, Quartet no. 1 or no. 2
    • A. Berg, Quartet op. 3
    • B. Britten, Quartet op. 36
    • B. Bartók, Quartet no. 3
  3. one contemporary string quartet by a composer of the contestants' nationality (or the nationality of at least one member of the ensemble); the quartet, up to 15 minutes in length, has to have been composed after 1945.
  1. Cash Prizes:
    First Prize – 32.000 PLN (equivalent of 8000 euros)
    Second Prize – 24.000 PLN (equivalent of 6000 euros)
    All prizes are subject to taxes. 
  2. Special Prizes:
    - The Karol Szymanowski Society concert award: performance at the 41st Days of Karol Szymanowski Music Festival, Zakopane 2018
    - The Karol Szymanowski Society concert award: performance at the Evenings with the music of Karol Szymanowski , Katowice 2018
    - The “Młoda Muzyka Śląska” Foundation concert award: performance at the Silesian Quartet and Its Guests Festival, Katowice 2018
    - The Silesian Philharmonic concert award – performance in Katowice , 2018/2019 season
    The full list of concert prizes will be announced soon. 

1. Jury members are internationally renowned artists and highly demanded teachers:

  • Arkadiusz Kubica – Silesian Quartet Katowice (Artistic Director of the Competition)
  • Peter Schuhmayer – Artis Quartet Vienna
  • Marek Czech - Royal String Quartet
  • Tim Frederiksen - Danish String Quartet
  • Mats Lindstrom - Royal Academy London
    2. The judges may, at their discretion, not award the prizes, or divide the prize money in other proportions.
    3. The decisions of the jury are final.
  1. The deadline for sending applications is July 31, 2017 (determined by postmark date). Applications should be sent to the following address:
    2nd Karol Szymanowski International String Quartet Competition
    The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice
    ul.Zacisze 3, 40–025 Katowice, Poland
  2. The application should be accompanied by:
    a) a biographical note and a recent photo of the ensemble submitted on CD;
    b) a copy of passport, or other identity document of each member of the quartet;
    c) proof of payment
  3. The Jury may, at their discretion, select the participants on the basis of the biographical information of the ensemble
  4. The list of the contestants and the performance schedule will be announced before August 10, 2017.
Registration fee
  1. The registration fee for each quartet is 100 euros
  2. The registration fee should  be transferred to the bank account of the Karol Szymanowski Music Society:
    Bank Ochrony Środowiska, Oddział w Katowicach (Katowice Branch)
    ul. Mickiewicza 21, 40-085 Katowice, Poland
    IBAN: PL 47 15401128 2112700465280001
    Swift / BIC: EBOSPLPW
  3. Cheques will not be accepted.
  4. The registration fee will not be refunded
  5. All bank charges and fees are the sole responsibility of the applicant
  6. The costs of travel and accommodation are the sole responsibility of the contestants.
  7. List of recommended hotels in Katowice:
    • Park Hotel Diament ul. Wita Stwosza 37;
    • Quality Silesian Hotel ul. Szybowcowa 1a;
    • Hotel Angelo ul. Sokolska 24;
    • Hotel Ibis Budget Al. Roździeńskiego 18;
Additional regulations
  1. By entering the competition the applicants agree to comply with all its rules and regulations.
  2. Entries not meeting the requirements defined by the rules may be rejected
  3. The participants are responsible for securing their own music. Parts for Panufnik's String quartet may be purchased or rented.
  4. The organizers will pay only one public performance licensing fee for a work under copyright when performed at the Winners Concert.
  5. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to introduce changes in the course of the competition should unforseen circumstances or acts of God occur or  if it becomes  impossible to complete the competition in accordance with its rules and regulations.
  6. The Organizer  may, at his discretion, process the Personal data  of the Competition participants to meet his legally justified goals.
  7. It is important that the contestants secure adequate personalmedical insurance coverage during their stay in Katowice. It is also strongly advisable that they purchase instrument insurance. The organizers do not assume any liability for personal accident of the contestants, or for loss or damage oftheir personal property (including their instruments).